Boot Parameters for SL6 LiveCD

IMPORTANT: This description is valid for SL6 only. For SL4 and SL5 LiveCD please see Boot parameters for SL4 or SL5 LiveCD

Boot parameters (also known as cheat codes) can be used to affect the boot process and change the behavior of the LiveCD. If you boot your PC from the LiveCD a graphical Scientific Linux logo and "Automatic boot in X seconds..." appears. Press now any key followed by TAB. You will see the default boot parameters. Just add more boot parameters and finally press return to boot the LiveCD.

The follwoing boot parameters are working with the SL6 LiveCD:

If the LiveCD hangs during booting, try to boot with one or more of the following boot parameters:

The following boot parameters are NOT yet working with the SL6 LiveCD:

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